[mythtv-users] Compiling latest SVN

Michael Rice mikerice1969 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 04:53:58 UTC 2007

On Nov 23, 2007 6:41 PM, Harry Devine <lifter89 at comcast.net> wrote:
> If I enter 'which mythbackend', I get '/usr/local/bin/mythbackend', but
> running 'mythbackend --version' still gives me '/usr/bin/mythbackend: No
> such file or directory'.  I can't find out why it's still looking for
> mythbackend in /usr/bin.

Earlier you said it works using the full path:

/usr/local/bin/mythbackend --version

If that works then it sure sounds like you have mythtv installed ok
but there is a problem in your environment.
The error is almost like what you'd see with a bad alias:

[root at masterbackend mythtv]# alias foobar=/usr/bin/foobar
[root at masterbackend mythtv]# foobar  --version
-bash: /usr/bin/foobar: No such file or directory

But you also said which mythbackend printed the correct file... for an
alias I think it would do this:
[root at masterbackend mythtv]# which foobar
alias foobar='/usr/bin/foobar'

I have an FC6 install so I don't know specifically if there are any
environmental oddities like this with MythDora.  When all else fails
you can always reboot the machine... I think I am out of ideas.

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