[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

Nicolas Will nico at youplala.net
Thu Nov 22 15:09:17 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-22 at 15:04 +0000, Ian Barton wrote:
> I am running Kubuntu. I have had no problems switching between the 
> official Ubuntu packages and svn using checkinstall. It's easy to
> switch 
> back to the standard package if you want to.
> The only problem is if you have additional frontends, as the svn
> version 
> uses a different protocol, so you have to upgrade the frontends too.
> There is a description on my wiki on how Ibuilt myth from svn on
> Kubuntu:
> http://www.ian-barton.com/MythTV/CompilingFromSVN

If you are an Ubuntu user, I would suggest this, if you want trunk:


0.20.2 fixes is there as well.

I always found checkinstall to be a dodgy tool, and those builds are
coming from the official ubuntu packages maintainers and mythbuntu


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