[mythtv-users] Multiple directories

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Thu Nov 22 15:04:29 UTC 2007

I am running Kubuntu. I have had no problems switching between the 
official Ubuntu packages and svn using checkinstall. It's easy to switch 
back to the standard package if you want to.

The only problem is if you have additional frontends, as the svn version 
uses a different protocol, so you have to upgrade the frontends too.

There is a description on my wiki on how Ibuilt myth from svn on Kubuntu:



> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 14:27 +0000, Ian Barton wrote:
>>> But I will not go into maintaining MythTV on my own. There are
>> better
>>> people than me to do that.
>> You don't say which distro you are using. If it's Debian based you
>> can 
>> use checkinstall to create packages from the version you compile from 
>> svn. This makes install/uninstall as simple as apt-get install
>> package 
>> and apt-get remove package.
> I'm on Ubuntu, running the Mythbuntu packages.
> I'm already using the -fixes packages as a little-to-no-risk option.
> There is a -trunk weekly build repos, straight from SVN available. I'm
> pondering using it at the moment.
> So far my system is rock-solid and my WAF is very high. I'm wondering if
> -trunk for storage groups is very reasonable...

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