[mythtv-users] Dell PowerEdge 2550 1 GHz as dedicated backend/storage..?

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 17:36:56 UTC 2007

> There are at least half a dozen regular sellers on eBay; it's a buyers
> market; 36's are really cheap, 73's are cheap, and you will find 146's
> on there, though they're a touch pricier.
> In general, we often get the SCSI's for less per GIG than the ATA's,
> which seems a excellent deal, what with hot-swap and hardware RAID.
> Trailing Edge Technology is now officially Fast Enough.

Really?  Because I was just browsing completed listings, and I didn't see
anything  that had sold and shipped for less than $.65/GB, which is about 3
times the cost of SATA storage.   Once you add the cost of RAID controllers
and a chassis that can accommodate the dozen or so drives you need to get a
reasonable amount of storage, SCSI is just a waste of time.

It may have its applications, but video storage isn't one of them.


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