[mythtv-users] Internal DVD-player menu problems

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Mon Nov 19 09:25:28 UTC 2007

Ismo Tanskanen skrev:
> I'm running svn version, and after recent update I noticed that internal 
> DVD-player acts strange.
> With many DVD's , menus are not showed correctly. Sometimes I can only 
> see "selector" picture, rest of screen is blank.
> For example, picture is blank, but when I press left button, I see 
> arrow, what leads to next page on the menu. So, I must navigate through 
> menus blind, and try to get movie started.
> Other problem is subtitle selection. At the beginning of the movie, 
> there is no all subtitles listed in the "select subtitle" menu.
> When I seek forward couple of minutes, then all subtitles are listed.
> Are those svn problems, or is there something wrong with my setup?
> -kane
I don't think they are SVN problems as my wife called me about similar 
issues trying to watch Oceans 13 with subtitles, only selection was 
Danish and English, she opted for *English subs* and got *italian 
speech*. When she retried the menu she was able to select between more 
languages and got English speech.

With the WAF taking a plunge I am very interested in diagnosing these 
issues, any suggestions on what to check and/or test?

I am running an unchanged Mythdora 4.0 install.


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