[mythtv-users] Fedora 8, Intel G33 video, opengl vertical sync issues

George Nassas gnassas at mac.com
Mon Nov 19 01:05:15 UTC 2007

On 10-Nov-07, at 10:30 PM, Jason Surprise wrote:

> latest intel 2.1.1 xorg driver which I couldn't figure out how to  
> build
> ...
> is enabled. glxgears is working.  However, I am now unable to set 'Use
> OpenGL for vertical sync for timing' in mythtv.  I get video that is
> unwatchable and the following error message from myth:
> ...
> 2007-11-10 19:25:23.068 OpenGLVideoSync::Start(): A/V Sync reported
> error: Bad Context

Sorry, I didn't see your post until just now.

The problem is the 2.1.1 driver only supports GL sync for 3D  
operations. Luckily it's easy to restore support for 2D sync as well.  
Details are here:


Basically go to src/i830_dri.c and make I830DRITransitionTo2d look a  
lot like I830DRITransitionTo3d. Myth now reports it's using DRI sync  
instead of OpenGL but whatever, the tearing is gone, the picture is  
awesome and life is good.

Later in the thread the developers signal they're going to straighten  
this out at some point so you won't have to patch the driver forever.

- George

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