[mythtv-users] auto-expire not working

Brad DerManouelian myth at dermanouelian.com
Sun Nov 18 19:28:58 UTC 2007

I'm having an issue where programs are not auto-expiring and my drives  
are filling up.

I have a master backend with a 750GB drive dedicated to recordings. I  
also have a slave backend with a 750GB drive dedicated to recordings.  
They are both set to only record on their own local drives. I also  
have a NAS device with 1.5TB mounted via Samba to both machines and  
set to a separate recording group which doesn't have any recording  
rules set to record to it. I just set it up and ran a few tests to  
make sure it would work. All of my programs are allowed to auto-expire  
and I have both backends set to reserve 5GB on each drive so I won't  
run low enough on space to cause a problem. However, my drives keep  
filling up and hosing my system until I manually delete files. One  
other thing to note is that I've got deleted programs going into a  
deleted group. I think the problems is that auto-expire isn't killing  
things in my deleted group for some reason. Can anyone confirm this is  
a problem? Is the work-around to turn off deleted groups and just have  
it delete immediately?

Oh, and as an added bonus, my master backend log when it all started  
happening it corrupt so I have no idea what that looks like. The only  
way I'll be able to reproduce is to let the drive fill up again and  
I'm not real keen on doing that right now since it took so long to get  
it operational again.

Thanks for any insight,


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