[mythtv-users] No Astra 2D channels with Nova-SPlus, STB shows them ok?

Mark Guz mark at guz.org.uk
Sun Nov 18 19:09:09 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I recently tore what was left of my hair out over an HVR-3000, but gave up
and bought the better supported Hauppauge NOVA-S.

The card seems to work fine. all channels on Astra 28.2E 2A-C are picked up
no problem when I run a scan with the cli tool "scan"
I can't pick up any of the 2D channels however. Nothing below 11700 seems to
work. These channels show fine on the SKY stb i have here. and I can use
dvbtune to tune to 2D frequencies. dvbstream shows the channels fine. But
mythv behaves the same as the scan tool. It cannot lock onto any of the 2D
channels. Even if I manually populate the database with the correct details.
it get the (l__) no lock error.

if i use dvbtune -f 10803000 -p H -s 22000 -m i get this,

Using DVB card "Conexant CX24123/CX24109"
tuning DVB-S to L-Band:0, Pol:H Srate=22000000, 22kHz=off
Getting frontend event
Getting frontend event
Getting frontend event
Event:  Frequency: 1053000
        SymbolRate: 22000000
        FEC_inner:  5
Bit error rate: 0
Signal strength: 61952
SNR: 65359
FE READ UNCORRECTED BLOCKS: : Operation not supported
Signal=61952, Verror=0, SNR=65349dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)

According to what I've googled so far. the signal and SNR figures show good
strength and quality, and with dvbstream and mplayer the picture is fine.

I have a "UNIVERSAL" lnb with the standard settings AFAICS,

I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and have the correct sized dish for
the picking up 2D, and like I said, it works flawlessly with the sky digibox
i have here. ( A BSKYB-2500S3 Pace Box )

I am confused as to why it would work with dvbtune and not "scan" or mythtv.
I am using ubuntu 7.10 64bit and kernel 2.6.22-14. I have tried the default
kernel modules and with the latest hg clone of v4l-dvb from linuxtv.org and
nothing makes any difference.  I realise now that this problem was evident
with the HVR-3000 also. It had poor picture quality and artifacts etc, and
also no 2D but i put that down to poor linux support for the card. Now the
NOVA-S gives me perfect picture for the channels it does get (2A-2C) and the
picture is good for 2D with dvbstream.

Any advice gratefully received.


Mark Guz
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