[mythtv-users] Best nuvexport settings for HDTV recordings?

Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Sun Nov 18 19:04:31 UTC 2007

Hi all -

I've been running Myth for nearly a year now, and since I haven't been
close to filling up my drives, I haven't thought much about copying
recordings to DVDs.  However, I thought I'd give it a try today, so I went
ahead and tried one.

This is a 2-hr (more like 80-90 minutes without the commercials) show, at
720p HD resolution.  I chose the defaults, except for changing the audio
bitrate to 256 (instead of the default 384).  The machine is an Athlon-64
2.4GHz with 2GB RAM, running Mandriva 2007.1 64-bit with the latest
available Myth RPMs.

Granted, it has live TV running at the moment, but 106 hours to finish the
job seems a bit excessive:

Where would you like to export the files to? [.] /mythtv
Enable Myth cutlist? [Yes]
Enable noise reduction (slower, but better results)? [Yes]
Enable deinterlacing? [Yes]
Crop broadcast overscan border (0-5%) ? [2]
Audio bitrate? [384] 256
Maximum video bitrate for VBR? [6000]
VBR quality/quantisation (1-31)? [5]

Now encoding:  24:  Day 6: 6:00AM - 7:00AM/7:00AM - 8:00AM
Encode started:  Sun Nov 18 10:38:48 2007
Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.
Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.
Starting ffmpeg.
processed:  1514 of 442260 frames at 1.15 fps (0.34%, eta: 106h 27m 15s)

Can anyone who does exporting of HD recordings to DVD recommend settings
that are sane as far as time needed to complete the job, while still
giving decent results on playback?

Thanks - Bob

Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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