[mythtv-users] No closed captioning for any tuner in Mythtv SVN

Craig Huff huffcslists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 21:19:57 UTC 2007


I don't recall if there was a direct response to your earlier query, but
IIRC, in at least *some* recent thread it was established that there
seem to be problems with subtitles (or what in the U.S. is called
closed captions) for a number of users and that this was being
looked into to try and find the cause(s) and solution(s).

In my case, I only have Hauppauge PVR-*50 PCI cards for SD
capture and I have yet to discern what the conditions are that
support successful CC capture in the recordings.  Some shows
on some channels using some of the capture cards get full CC
data while other combinations drop numerous bits of the text.

I have not made the effort to pin it down further than to note that
it is not consistently bad on a particular broadcast station or
program from week to week.  It may or may not be associated
with one or more of my PVR inputs, but I don't know that at this

Someone else may be able to status where this issue stands, but
at least it's a known issue for more than one of us using at least



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