[mythtv-users] No closed captioning for any tuner in Mythtv SVN

Sam Logen starz909 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 14 20:56:15 UTC 2007

OK, so everyone but me is getting subtitles on their
hardware mpeg cards and DVB cards, right?  I don't
know the situation with DVB subtitle support, but is
subtitle support with hardware mpeg cards exclusive to
ivtv cards?

I hope it isn't the case that I am being ignored.  I
haven't to my knowledge broken any Internet
communication rules, nor have I been pressuring the
community to answer my questions - even though a
number of them remain unanswered.  Further, all this
off topic conversing just seems to slight those of us
whose questions are not being answered and fill
everyone's mailboxes to the point where important
questions become buried in them.
  I just find that certain functions that are broken
in my machine, such as closed captioning, would garner
conversation if more people were experiencing the
problem, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I
suppose then, that only my system is suffering this
problem, and therefore there is something wrong with
it, and I'd very much appreciate anyone's opinions on
what that could be.

I hope I'm not coming off as a 'jerk' demanding
answers to my questions.  Mythtv is a terrific program
- one in which a lot of thought has been put into, but
for it to have limited hardware support, or for it to
be broken on my system, is really frustrating.  I know
it's still being worked on, and that's why it's called
an SVN branch, but if someone could at least tell me
that they are aware of my problem and that it is
fixable, then I'll be content to wait.  But if no-one
knows about the problem, how will it get fixed?  I'm
also fully aware that programs like these are built on
a 'volunteer' basis (I am using gentoo, you know).

Thank you everyone who has provided invaluable support
to myself and others who've had problems with their
systems.  And thank you for reading this long email.


> --- Sam Logen <starz909 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 03:39:18 -0700 (PDT)
> > From: Sam Logen <starz909 at yahoo.com>
> > Subject: No closed captioning for any tuner in
> > Mythtv SVN
> > To: Discussion about mythtv
> > <mythtv-users at mythtv.org>
> > 
> > Hi everyone.  So, the problem is that I can't see
> > closed captioning when I enable it for either of
> my
> > tuner cards.  I'm testing the cards in live tv, I
> > open
> > the menu, select each type of closed captioning,
> but
> > none of them produce any subtitles.
> > 
> > I'm using a Dvico FusionHDTV5 RT ATSC tuner card,
> > and
> > an Avermedia M150 hardware encoder card.  I can't
> > think of any misconfiguration I might have done. 
> > There's so little to configure in mythtv-setup
> with
> > cards like these.  Plus, I could get subtitles
> from
> > them in Mythtv 20.2, but not in 21 SVN, which is
> > what
> > I'm using now.
> > 
> > Closed captioning is really necessary for my
> setup. 
> > There are two hard-of-hearing individuals that
> would
> > really appreciate it if I could get the captioning
> > to
> > work.  Could anyone be of assistance?  Thanks!
> > 
> > Sam
> > 
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