[mythtv-users] 2 problems: ATI Remote Wonder 2 and Schedules Direct

Jon jon.the.wise.gdrive at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 09:35:40 UTC 2007

On Nov 13, 2007, at 11:26 PM, Myth User wrote:

> I should probable split this into 2 emails, but I figure I need  
> both items answered so, lets save a few mouse clicks, and put them  
> into one email.
> I have mythTV working for the most part. I cant watch TV yet but  
> thats because both my capture card and Firewire cards are bogus.  
> The cap card was a second hand freebie so I cant complain, and the  
> firewire card is just a dud.
> Evem with those setbacks, I dicided to forge on and get as much  
> working as I could in the meantime. Shedules direct. I have an  
> account in good standing with them, and I can run mythfilldatabase  
> (There are a couple of messaged that concern me, 1 is 404  
> unauthorized but then it is followed up by "Re using connection"  
> and downloads stuff, then at the end it says rescheduling with  
> backend, if backend isnt running yada yada... but the backend is  
> running)
> In MythTh I cant get any schedule info, Am I missing something?

The 404 is fine, it fails, then it sends the login and gets the  
info... It sounds like it's downloading and adding the data to the  
database too. I believe the issue is the lack of capture device.  
Until you have a tuner card to associate with the listings, your  
program guide is going to be empty because though you have the data,  
none of those channels are actually "available"

I believe that as soon as you install a capture card, you will be  
able to attach it to those listings and be all set.

> My second problem is the ATi Remote Wonder 2. No problem withthe  
> hardware, I plugged it in and it started working immediately. Only  
> most of the keys do nothing in MythTV. So with a little searching  
> the net I came up with a part answer, using modprobe ati_remote2,  
> and xev or something like that I can get all the keys and buttons  
> working. Then the answer says something about a Xmodmap file. What  
> is this and where can I get one?
> Call me lazy but, I think the wheel is a perfectly sound invention,  
> no sense re-inventing it.

Not going to spoonfeed you, gotta modify your keymappings and remote  
definitions. Go google LIRC

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