[mythtv-users] 2 problems: ATI Remote Wonder 2 and Schedules Direct

Myth User MythUser at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 14 07:26:34 UTC 2007

I should probable split this into 2 emails, but I figure I need both items answered so, lets save a few mouse clicks, and put them into one email.

I have mythTV working for the most part. I cant watch TV yet but thats because both my capture card and Firewire cards are bogus. The cap card was a second hand freebie so I cant complain, and the firewire card is just a dud.
Evem with those setbacks, I dicided to forge on and get as much working as I could in the meantime. Shedules direct. I have an account in good standing with them, and I can run mythfilldatabase (There are a couple of messaged that concern me, 1 is 404 unauthorized but then it is followed up by "Re using connection" and downloads stuff, then at the end it says rescheduling with backend, if backend isnt running yada yada... but the backend is running)
In MythTh I cant get any schedule info, Am I missing something?
My second problem is the ATi Remote Wonder 2. No problem withthe hardware, I plugged it in and it started working immediately. Only most of the keys do nothing in MythTV. So with a little searching the net I came up with a part answer, using modprobe ati_remote2, and xev or something like that I can get all the keys and buttons working. Then the answer says something about a Xmodmap file. What is this and where can I get one?
Call me lazy but, I think the wheel is a perfectly sound invention, no sense re-inventing it.

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