[mythtv-users] dd_v_ tables missing from mythconverg

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Nov 13 20:20:23 UTC 2007

David Shay wrote:

>>> I tried something like this...I changed DBSchemaVer to 1200 in
>>> mysql...
>> Generally not a good idea to mess with DBSchemaVer...  Always better to do
>>> but I cannot now be sure that I didn't just restart mythbackend
>>> and frontend....I cannot remember.
>>> But whatever I did, changed DBSchemaVer to 1201 again, but DID NOT
>>> create the missing tables....
>>> I will try it again, running mythtv-setup first.
>>> Anyone else have any good ideas? (I don't mind hearing *bad* ideas, but
>>> I make no promises about using them!)
>> the MythTV "Spring Cleaning" (TM):
>> http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-23.html#ss23.7

> Can't dispute that.  Those tables aren't created via the db schema upgrade
> processes, but rather these are "temporary tables" created/used by the data
> direct class of processors (now schedules direct).  As long as you are using
> a version of mysql 3.23 or later, it supports temporary tables correctly.
> Prior to 3.23 I think it ignored the "temporary" table construct, although
> the code is supposed to handle that situation as well, I think.
> I would shut down the mythbackend and any filldatabase processes, login to
> mysql and check to see if there are any dd_v* tables there.  If they exist,
> you can delete them.  This should only be the case, though, if you are using
> mysql prior to 3.23.  If they exist and you are using later than that,
> something has gone terribly awry.
> It they don't exist, then there is some other error in the filldatabase
> process.  What is the exact error message that mythfilldatabase is giving?
> Can you run it with more logging?

Well this morning, I quickly tried poking DBSchemaVer back to 1999 and 
starting mythtv-setup. It then requested permission to upgrade per the 
recent changes and appeared to do that when allowed to do so. But 
mythfilldatabase did not work.

The box is running Fedora 8rc2, so mysql is 5.0.23 or 5.0.32 or so.
There are NO dd_v_whatever tables.

The error is to the effect: "mysql unable to complete query...table 
mythconverg.dd_v_whatever does not exist..." with various missing tables 
listed. I will try more logging tonight and capture the exact error.

But first I will delete all of the myth* programs, do a make distclean 
and re-compile myth. I had something happen during a previous SVN 
upgrade and, as noted, 14830 failed badly, so I downgraded to 
14794...but I wonder if I inadvertently left an even older version 
program around. Note that the prior running version was about 14726 or so.

Unfortunately, I cannot just SVN version 14726 and use that, as it is 
prior to the schema upgrade. I think that the Schema change is a red 
herring: the error is actually a mythfilldatabase problem...although why 
is should suddenly start is a little weird, since my quick look at the 
commits does not reveal any recent changes to mythfilldatabase (since 
the Schedules Direct changeover)

Then and only then will I do the clean scrub database upgrade...full 
backup first and also table backups, especially dtv_multiplex and channel!


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