[mythtv-users] strange, jumpy, confusing video from STB capture--varies by content

Dylan Semler dylan.semler at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 04:53:56 UTC 2007

I'm helping my brother set up his first MythTV installation.  He has an old,
slightly upgraded Dell 8200 with a pvr150 and an FX5200.  He is capturing
video from a STB via co-ax.  While the picture looks fine when routed to the
TV, when routed to the pvr150, portions of the image are often mis-aligned
and jump all over the place.  I don't think it's ghosting and I'm not sure
if there is a name for this, but I've put a small sample on this webspace
temporally to better show what's going on.  If someone wants to host this
more permanently, please do, it's ~3MB.


He claims that it's worse whenever a graphic is on the screen, such as the
score and time graphic common in sporting events.  He seems to notice a
correlation between the time when the graphics go away (such as a replay)
and when the image stabilizes.  The distortion is worse (more common) on
some channels than on others--but that could be due to the previous
phenomenon and the type of content typical to various channels.  Remember,
this is an STB feed and the pvr150 is not changing channels.

The capture card is from an old working system, sat dormant for a while, and
then was shipped across the country in its original packaging to where it is
now being used--so it could be an issue of a broken card, though I'd like to
see if anyone else has any other ideas.


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