[mythtv-users] Transcoding - changing aspect ratio (filling the screen)

David Fishburn dfishburn.mythtv at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 04:26:49 UTC 2007

In preparation for a wide format television I changed my default
recording profile to 720x480 (from 480x480).

I routinely transcode shows for my PSP.  Now when I do it, I get large
black bars top and bottom, whereas before I managed to fill the entire

Not quite sure how to tell ffmpeg to adjust.  Here is my ffmpeg command line:
ffmpeg -i "/media/mythtv/1005_20071112215500.mpg" -y -acodec aac -ab
96 -vcodec h264 -b 280kb -ar 48000 -mbd 2 -coder 1 -cmp 2 -subcmp 2 -s
480x272 -r 30000/1001 -f psp -flags loop -trellis 2 -partitions
parti4x4+parti8x8+partp4x4+partp8x8+partb8x8 -level 13 -vol 500

Looking through the ffmpeg man pages, I have added (and tested):
-aspect 4:3
-aspect 16:9

Really nothing changes when those switches are added.

Any suggestions?


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