[mythtv-users] Comcast OnDemand on Multiple STBs

Chris Isip cmisipster at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 19:24:35 UTC 2007

On Nov 11, 2007 12:43 PM, Doug Young <goofdad at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Nov 11, 2007 5:46 AM, David Shay <david at shay.net> wrote:
> > A complete solution could look like this:
> >
> > * Local .lircrc entries on each frontend with appropriate irexec entries
> for
> > the keys which you want to use to control the STB. I am assuming these
> will
> > have to be a unique set of navigation and "enter" keys since otherwise
> they
> > would conflict with the function and meaning of those in myth.  These
> irexec
> > entries would call a script on the local frontend which would:
> >
> > * call wget on the backend status port.  Parse this to determine which
> the
> > video-on-demand tuner.  Personally, I would cache this output for a
> minute
> > or two locally to avoid repeated unnecessary calls to the status port.
>  Once
> > the tuner was determined use "rexec" or the remote-execution mechanism
> of
> > your choice to call an "irsend" script on the backend with the desired
> > parameters.
> OK...I may be missing something, but it seems to me that interactive
> is potentially the wrong solution.  In my area, VOD is -always- on the
> same channels, and the sequence (down, left, enter, up,
> enter...whatever...) is -always- the same.  This means that anytime
> I'm tuning to channel one (for example), I need to enter the channel
> number, wait 3 seconds, send down, left, enter, wait two seconds, send
> up, enter.  If this is the case, then you simply need to modify the
> script that changes channels to be a tad smarter, something like this
> pseudocode:
> <change channel to> channel
> if (channel == 1) then
>  irsend <some extra codes>
> fi
> With this approach, the fact that you're watching VOD becomes
> invisible, you're doing it on the backend and have all the information
> necessary, etc, etc, etc.
> --
> Doug
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I think that solution is ok for the initial setup of the VOD channel.  I
think he wants to be able to select any programming available as VOD, so the
mechanism to input up, down , etc. still needs to be present.

I didn't know about the /xml option in the status port.   It exposes even
more information for grepping, such as the Channel number so this is a
reliable way of determining if one frontend is accessing VOD.  Unfortunately
there is no record there of which frontend is accessing which encoder which
is what is really needed I think.  Thats why I rrecomended a unique channel
for each STB so the encoder you use with each frontend is always known.   I
am curious as to what table in the database holds this information.
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