[mythtv-users] Comcast OnDemand on Multiple STBs

Worldnet onley at worldnet.att.net
Thu Nov 8 15:00:48 UTC 2007

>>> I am trying to create a setup where I can control multiple STBs and 
>>> navigate the Comcast OnDemand menus. I have the channel changing  
>>> scriptsworking using the serial ports but I can't find any way to send  
>>> anythingother than the channel info to the STB. I need to send left,  
>>> right, up,down and select to the STB but since there are 4 STBs this  
>>> info willhaveto be sent through the backend to get to the right box. 
>>> Mythtv breaks out the tuning info and sends it to the external tuner 
>>> script but I don't see any way to send other info to the external tuner 
>>> script. Is there a hook that I don't know about or is this something 
>>> thatcould be implemented?
>> This would work well but my question is number 3. I can alter the  
>> scriptsto send the commands but how do you query the backend to see  
>> which tuneryou are watching?If you can help me with #3 I would be more  
>> than happy to send my notesas they might apply to your situation.
> This is a question for the -users list. Ask there and I'll answer. A 
> hint, though: you're going about it all wrong by trying to get Myth to 
> send more data to the channel change script.
> Mike

Mike I would really like to do this through the backend so that I don't
have to run a daemon on the backend to intercept the commands from each
frontend. Sending the commands through the backend would get them to the
correct STB with a minimum fuss. Doing a query for the tuner and using
a script seemed like a doable workaround till I started to implement it
and found that I would need to contact the backend to get the tuner id,
then setup a daemon on the backend to listen for the command and forward
it to the STB. This is doable but if I could just send the command to
the channel change script through the backend it would be so much simpler
and cleaner. if there is a better way that I am missing then I'm all ears.



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