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Paul Mason latepaul at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 10:58:05 UTC 2007

On 07/11/2007, Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> wrote:
> Stephen Robertson wrote:
> >
> > Just as an aside on listing sources I've recently changed form using
> > the radiotimes data to using the OTA DVB data.  There seemed to be
> > quite a few changes going on with which channels were being broadcast
> > and on which channel number.  So it seemed easier not having to match
> > up channels to xmltvids and so on.  And it may seem a strange
> > advantage, but I find that the shorter descriptions from the OTA data
> > looks better when displayed on the OSD and program guide, sometimes
> > there was too much information from RT.  Just my opinion.
> >
> The problem with this, is, as I am sure you realise, that you get a much
> shorter
> period's worth of data. I am sticking to the RT feed because it gives me a
> fortnight's advance planning, but I take your point.
Up until very recently I was running with both. That was partly because when
I initially set up Myth I wasn't aware you could choose EIT on a per-channel
basis and I wanted listings for the radio channels (which are not,
ironically, covered by the _Radio_ Times feed). Later when I found you could
I just left it because it was working.

Then a few weeks ago I missed a recording because when I scheduled  it, it
was 10 or 11 days out (i.e. from the RT feed), by the time it was aired
those listings had been overwritten by EIT data, and the title had changed
by the position of a comma. Quite rightly MythTV didn't pick it up.

So now I'm running with RT only for Tv channels and EIT for radio channels.
The varying descriptions are a bit of a pain.

Another irritation is that the descriptions are in some cases mini-reviews.
Which is fine if I'm using MythWeb where I can see the whole thing. On my TV
where even with a small font I can't always read the entire description you
might get something like "After a rocky start this series is now getting
into its swing with the writers coming up with interesting storyli..." which
if you're trying to find out if it's an episode you already have is mildly

Paul Mason
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