[mythtv-users] Comcast Fall attack

Joe Marcom jmarcom at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 6 21:55:52 UTC 2007

   The one really "bad" thing about digital is that you need separate 
tuners/tuner boxes for each channel viewed.  I have Comcast analog 
basic, plus Dish satellite (which is all-digital). Dish will rent, but 
not sell, dual-tuner receivers so you can record one channel and watch 
another; Comcast could do the same, if they chose.


coffee177 wrote:

> I went down to the local comcast office and spent about 20 minutes
> talking to a lady that had no clue in the world. But I was able to get a
> look at the digital box they offer. Its a Motorola DTC700/US. This thing
> has an output for the vcr but they said you can only record what you are
> watching. I looked at her and asked her how many shows does she record
> that she is currently watching? She gave me a dirty look.
> Im under the opinion right now that as long as I have something like the
> roadrunner hooked to the cable I can watch pretty much capture all the
> channels on their "Basic Plus Expanded" package for digital. Im not sure
> Im right on this. I couldnt find anyone there to verify this. Was kinda
> a worthless trip except I got to see the digital converter box.

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