[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun, 2nd NIC and dhcpd bootup issue

Harley Peters harley at thepetersclan.net
Tue Nov 6 16:16:40 UTC 2007

Richard wrote:
> I tried to change the service start order first but both dhcpd and  
> mythbackend are near the end of the startup sequence. Besides, over  
> time, changes could affect the start up time and result in  
> intermittent failures.
> I believe Harley made his change in  
> libs/libmythtv/hdhomerun/hdhomerun_discover.c for his version of mythtv
> while I made mine in libs/libmythtv/hdhrchannel.cpp. Perhaps that has  
> something to do with our difference in results. I've rebooted numerous  
> times and haven't experienced a problem yet.
> In the 0.20.2 version of mythtv that I'm using, the socket timeout is  
> set to 500 milliseconds (.5 seconds). The initial retry count of 6  
> gave the device only 3 seconds to respond. When I changed it to 60, I  
> allowed it up to 30 seconds for it to get an address and respond. You  
> can set the values as high as you like (as long as it fits in an  
> 'int') with the only risk being it delays the backend startup until it  
> finds the HDHomeRun -- or doesn't.
> I'm running the lastest version of the HDHomeRun firmware 20071015.  
> The 20070218 version had a change to "Avoid delay in obtaining ip  
> address by triggering DHCP renew when link is obtained." Perhaps  
> that's the problem.
> I have enough power sucking boxes and transformers around here and I  
> don't want another unless absolutely necessary. If it wasn't for the  
> fact that I transfer recorded files over my primary Gigabit NIC, I'd  
> just throw the HDHomeRun on my home network. Any good network switch  
> should be non-blocking and only pass traffic from port A to port B  
> anyway and not to all the other ports (ignoring the little bit of  
> broadcast traffic).
> Richard

Yes i made the change in libs/libmythtv/hdhomerun/hdhomerun_discover.c.
I think the reason i needed a higher value is the server myth backend is
running on is running a lot of services and takes a long time boot.
I already had the dhcpd service starting as early as it could.


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