[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun, 2nd NIC and dhcpd bootup issue

Richard deadzone at flashmail.us
Tue Nov 6 05:43:39 UTC 2007

I tried to change the service start order first but both dhcpd and  
mythbackend are near the end of the startup sequence. Besides, over  
time, changes could affect the start up time and result in  
intermittent failures.

I believe Harley made his change in  
libs/libmythtv/hdhomerun/hdhomerun_discover.c for his version of mythtv
while I made mine in libs/libmythtv/hdhrchannel.cpp. Perhaps that has  
something to do with our difference in results. I've rebooted numerous  
times and haven't experienced a problem yet.

In the 0.20.2 version of mythtv that I'm using, the socket timeout is  
set to 500 milliseconds (.5 seconds). The initial retry count of 6  
gave the device only 3 seconds to respond. When I changed it to 60, I  
allowed it up to 30 seconds for it to get an address and respond. You  
can set the values as high as you like (as long as it fits in an  
'int') with the only risk being it delays the backend startup until it  
finds the HDHomeRun -- or doesn't.

I'm running the lastest version of the HDHomeRun firmware 20071015.  
The 20070218 version had a change to "Avoid delay in obtaining ip  
address by triggering DHCP renew when link is obtained." Perhaps  
that's the problem.

I have enough power sucking boxes and transformers around here and I  
don't want another unless absolutely necessary. If it wasn't for the  
fact that I transfer recorded files over my primary Gigabit NIC, I'd  
just throw the HDHomeRun on my home network. Any good network switch  
should be non-blocking and only pass traffic from port A to port B  
anyway and not to all the other ports (ignoring the little bit of  
broadcast traffic).


Quoting Josh White <jaw1959 at gmail.com>:

> Or change the order in which the services load (as in, put the network ahead
> of myth in the list)?
> On 11/5/07, James Oltman <cnlibmyth at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >
>> > For me it happens every time.
>> > I'm running Gentoo.
>> >
>> > Harley
>> >
>> > Isn't there a way to tell a service to not start unless/until a
>> precursor service has started?  Can't you tell mythbackend to wait until the
>> network service has started?  Or maybe I read that you could pause a service
>> for X amount of seconds...
>> Joltman
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