[mythtv-users] UPnP in MythTV 0.20.2 - SOLVED!

cosch at torfbruecke.net cosch at torfbruecke.net
Tue Nov 6 16:02:30 UTC 2007


thx for your help on this. I finally found out what is going wrong in my
setup and want to share my findings.

As Upnp AV client i have a dreambox
7025(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreambox) running Gemini2 images. This
 is linux based and therefore using djmount as Upnp client. It turns out
that i can see the shares in filesystem (djmount uses FUSE to show them)
but they are missing in the UI if Myth 0.20.2 is the server.

If i use Myth 0.20.1 they show up fine even in the UI.
So i checked the diff on Myth side and came to following:

Svn commit from rev. 14249 to rev. 14250 contains a change in
upnpdevice.cpp which made incompatible.

If i revert line 305-307 from

    QString sFriendlyName = QString( "%1: %2" )
                               .arg( GetHostName() )
                               .arg( pDevice->m_sFriendlyName );


    QString sFriendlyName = QString( "%1 on %2" )
                               .arg( pDevice->m_sFriendlyName   )
                               .arg( GetHostName() );

everything is show up again.

I will doublecheck what is happening with latest trunk later and my
patch later.

What you think is the best to proceed now?
How to get this in the svn - may a question for the dev list?


Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> On 11/2/07, cosch at torfbruecke.net <cosch at torfbruecke.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thx to everybody for the fast input.
>> Matthew Daubenspeck wrote:
>>>> Does anybody have information of what is the status of UPnP in Myth?
>>>> Does anybody have it succesfully running with 0.20.2?
>>> I am using 0.20.2 (Gentoo's version mythtv-0.20.2_p14680) with two
>>> different D-Link wireless media players and with my PS3 and have had
>>> nothing but great success with it. So much success that I've eliminated
>>> an extra frontend and gone completely with media players.
>> So I know now it should work and i can start to investigate what is
>> wrong for me.
>> Has anybody experience with Upnp and can give a hint where to find
>> information about network traffic (ports, broadcast, firewall rules)
>> needed for Upnp?
>> I can see in frontend sql logs several select statements about Upnp
>> value from settings table. Most of them are missing.
>> What needs to be there? Is there somethong to set Upnp related settings?
> Well, first, UPnP runs on the backend, not the frontend, so you will
> find the log information there and you should run your backend with
> increased verbose logging.
> Kevin
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