[mythtv-users] mythtv 18.1 -> 20.2 upgrade

Maaltan Naatlam maaltan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 04:29:19 UTC 2007

I decided to upgrade my mythtv box this weekend so i could use the schedules
direct service. Unfortunately things went wrong.

First, my setup

dell dimension cx700e (?)
Celeron 700mzh
500mb ram
HD1: 20gb
hd1a: 4gb / 76% full
hd1b: 1.5gb <swap>
hd1c: 3gb /livecache 0% full (no longer used in 20.2)
hd1d: remainder /myth/mythtvburn 5% full

hd2: 120gb
hd2a: LVM logical volume 120gb /myth 96% full

random hp dvd burner and floppy drive.

PVR-350 (tvout used for X and video)

OS: Debian sarge net install (2.4x kernel)
IVTV driver: 0.4.1
all prereqs regulation package installs except for QT... which is custom
built. the built in install script did not put them in the right
directories, so i had to do some creative symbolic linking to get it to work
for the 18.1 build. I could not uninstall the package QT because for some
reason apt wanted to take my kernel with it. i think the version is 3.3.6.
it was the newest available 3x when 18.1 came out.

My problem boils down to 4 main issues (in approximate order of importance.

1: Random HARD system freezes while watching video.
When watching live tv, the system hard freezes before any logs can be
written. its an instant and thorough freeze. everything from ping to video
dies. Only recourse is a cold boot.

I have tried clearing the mythtv settings and repairing/optimizing the db
tables. I have also tried to trigger the freeze by consuming memory,
consuming cpu, etc. It seems like it freezes slightly more when the CPU is
busy but nothing definitive.

I found the "delete slowly" box in the settings this morning. This does not
appear to help.

2: Mythfilldatabase wiped out all program data last night (nov 5th ~5 am)
I was debugging until about 8AM or so, it magically worked again. An issue
at schedules direct maybe?

3: All themes are too long and buttons are always cut off the bottom.
If i shrink the window size i get a black bar and buttons are cut off. This
is the same with the new and old themes. OSD seems fine though.

4: black artifacts from program guide while watching video. The screen does
not refresh properly and leaves black bars until you force a refresh (move
the selector usually). this occured in mythtv 17 and both the myth and ivtv
devs blamed each other. it was not resolved until myth 18 and now it appears
to be back.

I am not ruling out hardware failure even though everything was working as
well as it ever has before the upgrade... maybe the load from the build
fried something in ram/cpu.

Thanks for your help.
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