[mythtv-users] Questions: multiple HD tuner backend with Pentium 4 3.0 GHz front-end

Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 21:22:45 UTC 2007

> Questions:
> - A P4 3.0 GHz machine (with XvMC) on a 6600 or an 8400 GS should work
> for HD playback, right?

No problem.

> - Does the 8400GS HD playback assistance only work in Windows?

XvMC is the hardware assist.  yes this card will work.  Many use a 5200 or a
6200 but a higher end card will work fine.

> - Do I really need 2 GB of RAM in a front-end? Will 1 GB be fine?

No, heck i use 512mb in my BE/FE w/2 hd tuners

> - Is 2.8 GHz fast enough to simultaneously record 3 or more HD streams?
> I remember reading that you could record with very little CPU power, and
> that playback was the big issue.

Thats fine.  Its hdd bandwidth that is a issue in recording, but you wont
hit it with this.

> - Does my backend need lots of RAM (more than 1 GB) to record from
> multiple tuners?

na, see above.

> - Does separating the frontend from the backend only help playback?
> Would I benefit from having the Tuner in a frontend machine as opposed
> to the backend? It'd be nice to just have one antenna split into 5 cards
> at one location, rather than wiring up the whole house.

doesnt help much of anything besides convience and only having to have one
box powered on 24/7

> - I read mythtv hates VIA chipsets. Should I just quit while I'm ahead
> with the front-end machines and get new motherboards?

VIA is bad with PVR cards  you should be fine.

> - I assume HD needs lots of bandwidth. Do I need to upgrade from a 100
> megabit switch to gigabit to pull this off? I'm hoping if I have 5
> tuners in the machine, but I'm only pulling two tuners worth of live
> content, or two prerecorded shows at once, I can manage.

 100mb will be good for 3 streams 4 would push it.

> - A180 vs PCHDTV 5500. The A180 is cheaper, but the PCHDTV 5500 is
> supposedly made for Linux. I want easy, and I'll pay for it, but if the
> A180 isn't any easier to use/install than the 5500, I'll take the 50 %
> savings x 5. Is that broadcast flag thing still an issue?

I would looking the HDHomeRun. Great value and works great.

> - Is MythDora being based on F6 really a problem? I mean, these are
> going to be appliances... I'm not planning on mucking about with them,
> but I would like to be able to upgrade them as necessary.

Na, its supported.  When upgrades are needed they will provide the tools to
do so.

> Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance for any insights.


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