[mythtv-users] Questions: multiple HD tuner backend with Pentium 4 3.0 GHz front-end

Marland V. Pittman marland at mvpittman.com
Mon Nov 12 13:27:32 UTC 2007

Again, thanks for the help. This is more of a progress update. It'll be 
slow going before I'm up and running.

Okay, got my 2.8 GHz CPU installed and found a PSU to run it on a 
motherboard... didn't start... :( I did have a 2.53 GHz CPU though, and 
that works). My motherboard has *no* network port at all, but I do have 
a gigabit ethernet card. I think I've used it in Linux before. It's a 
Netgear GA311.

Turns out my RAM was actually three 256 MB sticks of PC2100/DDR266. So, 
I put in two sticks for a total of 512 MB, and installed Mythdora on a 
3GB and 8 GB pair of hard drives. Then my brother came by and we had to 
do some other computer stuff (getting Windows XP installed on a couple 
of old machines).

So, my backend is working... still no tuners (other than the two Theater 
550 cards that I have but won't work under Linux).

Sean Goodpasture wrote:
> On 11/5/07, *Marland V. Pittman* <marland at mvpittman.com 
> <mailto:marland at mvpittman.com>> wrote:
>     - Is 2.8 GHz fast enough to simultaneously record 3 or more HD
>     streams?
> You don't even need that much.
That's good, because I just knocked it down to 2.53 GHz.
>     - Does my backend need lots of RAM (more than 1 GB) to record from
>     multiple tuners?
> Not that I've seen... again, 1 gig is doing me fine.
Well, I hope 512 will do. If not, I guess I can switch to this DDR 400 
I've got.
>     - Does separating the frontend from the backend only help playback?
> Well, commflagging is a big CPU user for me as well as SD.
What's SD? Schedules Direct? Is commercial flagging a frontend or 
backend CPU hog? I imagine that I could run that as a job on either 
after the show has been recoreded.
>     - Is MythDora being based on F6 really a problem? I mean, these are
>     going to be appliances... I'm not planning on mucking about with
>     them,
>     but I would like to be able to upgrade them as necessary.
> MythDora is what I ended up with, and it's nice because it was the 
> most plug and play solution I tested.  There are others out there 
> (mythbuntu) that you might try out for a couple days to see if you 
> like them.
The MythDora install was cake, for the little bit that I did. I'm really 
liking Fedora 8 though. I might try an installation of MythTV on it. 
Thanks for the tips.

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