[mythtv-users] OT: What does Fedora 8 really have to offer?

Stuart Larson halcyon at obfus.com
Mon Nov 5 17:22:03 UTC 2007

> On Nov 4, 2007, at 6:06 PM, Support [ Ian Ward ] wrote:
>> <Flame suit on>
>> I'm thinking Ubuntu may be a better option as apt seems much smarter
>> than yum.
>> Does Ubuntu handle major version upgrades better?
> I don't know about Ubuntu, but they're usually pretty easy in
> Debian.  I just update /etc/apt/sources.list, do "aptitude update",
> then "aptitude dist-upgrade".  You do have to be prepared to answer a
> lot of questions about what to do with configuration files you've
> edited, but other than that it goes pretty smoothly.
> The biggest "gotcha" with Debian is that by default sources.list
> lists "stable", not a specific version name.  If you leave it that
> way and don't pay close attention when a new release happens, you may
> find yourself partially upgrading before you really wanted to.

I recently upgraded from Dapper (6.06 LTS) to Gutsy (7.10?) all through
the update manager.  After the update to 6.10 (?), there's a button for
distribution upgrade, which takes care of updating sources.list and does
everything automatically... it did take about an hour or so to both
download, and then install all these packages, but everything went
flawlessly - I think I had to rebuild some source packages, but that's to
be expected with some things that pull in kernel sources...

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