[mythtv-users] SDTV channel picture size on a HDTV???

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Nov 2 01:11:27 UTC 2007

On 11/01/2007 11:43 AM, William Munson wrote:
> B Gates wrote:
>> I have a HDTV which is 16x9.  Within the xorg.conf
>> file I set the resolution at 1280x720 with 100x100
>> dpi. I have verified this by using xdpyinfo.  I am
>> connected to Comcast Cable.  When I view standard
>> definition channels (2-96), the picture fills the
>> entire screen.  I go to "Change Aspect Ratio" in the
>> menu, and select 4x3 and the picture dimensions do to
>> change.  Is this normal? 
> If everything is properly configured you should get pillar bars on the 
> sides of the screen. What seems to be happening is that for some reason 
> your system is not able to determine the size of the monitor. This has 
> nothing to do with the modeline the monitor uses. What you need to do is 
> tell xorg to ignore your monitor edid info and manually specify the size 
> of the screen in xorg.conf. Set the dimensions of the screen to 128x72 
> and myth should be able to correctly scale  your picture and menu text. 
> The wiki has good info on this.

And the wiki (correctly) says to use "DisplaySize 325 195" for 1280x720...

Regardless, the problem is more likely--since xdypinfo says you're at
100x100 and you /do/ have square pixels--if using a new version of X,
you need to change the "Monitor Aspect Ratio" setting in frontend
Appearance settings under "Screen settings" or update to a newer version
of 0.20-fixes.  (If you don't see "Monitor Aspect Ratio," don't
worry--either you're using a new enough version of fixes or an old
enough version of X that this isn't the problem.)

And, make sure you do /not/ set "Video Aspect Override."


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