[mythtv-users] SDTV channel picture size on a HDTV???

William Munson william_munson at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 1 15:43:58 UTC 2007

B Gates wrote:
> I have searched the web and can not find the answer to
> this question.
> Config
> Fedora 7
> MythTV 0.20.2
> pcHDTV-5500
> PVR-3500
> nVidia 7600 GS
> 32" 16.9 TV
> I have a HDTV which is 16x9.  Within the xorg.conf
> file I set the resolution at 1280x720 with 100x100
> dpi. I have verified this by using xdpyinfo.  I am
> connected to Comcast Cable.  When I view standard
> definition channels (2-96), the picture fills the
> entire screen.  I go to "Change Aspect Ratio" in the
> menu, and select 4x3 and the picture dimensions do to
> change.  Is this normal?  I thought when I selected
> 4x3 dimension, I would get the black bars vertically
> on each side.
> So the question is when you are viewing standard
> definition cable channel, with mythtv, on a HD
> television, do you get the vertical black bars?
> thanks
> Darrel
If everything is properly configured you should get pillar bars on the 
sides of the screen. What seems to be happening is that for some reason 
your system is not able to determine the size of the monitor. This has 
nothing to do with the modeline the monitor uses. What you need to do is 
tell xorg to ignore your monitor edid info and manually specify the size 
of the screen in xorg.conf. Set the dimensions of the screen to 128x72 
and myth should be able to correctly scale  your picture and menu text. 
The wiki has good info on this.


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