[mythtv-users] wanted a low bandwidth stream from myth

Stuart Larson halcyon at obfus.com
Fri Nov 2 00:25:01 UTC 2007

> We have an event here in Oz that "stops the nation" - Melbourne Cup.
> Unfortunately, I will be at work in a building where there is no way to
> get a television signal (cut into a hillside with ground & concrete
> between us and the transmitter :(
> I want to try and see if I can use myth through my home adsl connection
> to stream a relatively low bandwidth signal via the network.  I can
> already access the mythbox via an openvpn connection through the
> firewall, and can use mythfrontend and mythtv ok.  But most SD programs
> have too much bandwidth to successfully upload through the adsl (which
> runs at about 768kbs up, 6mbs down)
> How can I go about live transcoding down to a lower resolution, and then
> streaming from myth?  Is it even possible?
> BillK

You can check the section of mythweb in trunk that does the transcoding to
flash - I think it pipes the recording into ffmpeg, which transcodes into
flash and delivers to a flash player.  I do that in a script after a
recording is done, but I don't know how that would work as a recording is
in process.

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