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Craig Huff huffcs at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 21:52:45 UTC 2007

(Subject was: Re: Audio Sync problem -- need help)

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> > > Since I do this cutting only for shows I know I am burning to dvd I do
> > > not worry about that. Also this keeps the original as mpeg.old so you
> > > can rename it back and rebuild the seek table and all should be well.
> > >
> > > John
> >
> >
> > Rebuild the seek table?  I'm drawing a blank on that.  What do you mean?
> >
> Myth remembers the keyframes so that when you jump it can always start
> on a keyframe.
> I call this in the script in the update_database function:
> mythcommflag -f filename.mpg --rebuild
> John


Here's what I've found so far:
1) When I use pxcut to cut out the commercials, it also seems to cut out closed captioning.  Do you know if there is something additional I need to do if I want to keep closed captioning intact, or is that asking for a rewrite of ProjectX?
2) I notice that pxcut splits the audio and the video into separate files for cutting and then interleaves the results back together.  I make my recordings using PVR-x50 cards, so I have .mp2 audio and .mpeg video.  In order to make a dvd, mythburn converts the audio to .ac3 by unstitching the video and audio again and transcoding the audio before putting them back together one more time.  This seems a tad redundant.  Do you know if there is a way to record programs with a dvd-compliant .ac3 audio track to start with?  How about a way to convert the .mp2 to .ac3 as part of the pxcut.sh script before calling mplex to stitch things back together so that they don't have to be split up once again to transcode the audio?

At any rate, thank you so much for your help in getting this far.


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