[mythtv-users] Confused on how to use channels.conf

Michelle Dupuis support at ocg.ca
Sun May 27 13:05:11 UTC 2007

That makes a lot of sense - thanks.

It's strange that scandvb can find all of the channels on DN 110', but Myth
can't lock onto any (but it reports the right Network "Echostar 110").  Myth
scan of other sats work ok.  I'm guessing that the scan code in Myth got
broken somewhere in .20 stable.  In case your channelscan work touches
this....I'd be happy to provide details :)  (I'm new to myth - so I'll have
to learn about bug tracking later).


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On Sat, 2007-05-26 at 00:34 -0700, Calin Brabandt wrote:
> > If you import a good channels.conf file, you should not need to then 
> > scan for channels - this is the purpose of importing the 
> > dvb)scan-generated channels.conf file in the first place.
> > --
> > Nick
> Nick, I've not imported channels.conf in a long while, but Myth's scan 
> wasn't finding my the KOPB QAM channels here in Portland, OR so I 
> imported a snippet of those channels from a channels.conf I'd made 
> long ago using dvb tools.  Strangely, it's like Michelle said -- Myth 
> scanned the channels on the mux.  I have "fixes 4." I know Myth didn't 
> behave like this a year ago when I made the channels.conf file.

The scan is new, basically MythTV is verifying the data you input and adding
the data it need to collect EIT (which isn't in the DVB tools channels.conf.
If MythTV can't tune to the channel during the scan it won't be able to for
a recording or LiveTV either.

In the channelscan branch I'm working on making the infrastructure changes
that will allow us to ask the user whether to insert channels that MythTV
can't find but are in your channels.conf. Right now the channels are
inserted by the scanner during the scan which has a bunch of unfortunate

-- Daniel

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