[mythtv-users] OSD glitch - starts as 4:3 and corrects to 16:9

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Sat May 26 09:53:25 UTC 2007


i posted a while ago about the OSD resizing and how in SDTV i get ugly 
fonts, but the responses still seem unsatisfying to me. So can someone 
clarify or correct the following:

If i understand it correctly, the way it has been designed is that the 
OSD is injected/multiplexed into a dummy video stream of the size of the 
TV transmission and then resized to the default X11 screen size thus 
giving you ridiculously awful OSD when watching or switching to SDTV.

Even at DVD quality TV transmission (720x576) i'm getting jaggy OSD 
fonts. So for example on my Sony Bravia at WideXGA (1360x768) and X11 
running at the same size, then the OSD is created at 720x576 or some 
other even lower SDTV resolution and injected on a dummy Nupple Video 
stream at that size and then resized to fill the X11 screen.

Can someone explain why this design ? Why isn't the OSD multiplexed onto 
the video stream at the X11 size so it is always a fixed known size and 
not being resized at the TV stream size and then resized again to fill 
the X11 size ? I'm 100% sure there is a reason why the developers chose 
this method, but it is plain dog ugly. Is there some technical reasons 
someone could explain or is the OSD subsystem in serious need of redesign ?

Also are other peoples channel names also being truncated or clipped due 
to long names ? For example "National Geographic" doesn't show correctly 
neither in the OSD nor the "browse" mode EPG. I generally get "ational 
Ge" which isn't quite as informative.


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