[mythtv-users] OSD glitch - starts as 4:3 and corrects to 16:9

Markus Schulz msc at antzsystem.de
Sun May 27 09:44:39 UTC 2007

Am Samstag, 26. Mai 2007 schrieb Mark Kendall:
> On 5/26/07, James Buckley <xanium4332 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > The solution is in the mythtv-vid branch. The OSD is layered
> > afterwards, keeping it at the maximum resolution all the time. It's
> > done using OpenGL
> James - did you try this out and get it working OK?

i've tried it and it works fine. OSD was at resolution of screen and not 
video content.

Markus Schulz

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