[mythtv-users] Changing between LNB's while watching TV

Dave dave at 0bits.com
Sat May 26 10:21:35 UTC 2007

On 24/05/07, Michelle Dupuis <support at ocg.ca> wrote:
 >  I have a two Analog TV cards and single DVB-S card, with 2 LNB's...each
 > pointed at a different sat from a different provider.  Provider 1 
 > numbers overlap with provider 2 channel numbers.
 > When watching TV, I can switch between the three cards with the "Y"
 > keystroke,  However, when watching satellite, how do I switch between
 > provider 1 and provider 2 ??  (i.e. LNB 1 and LNB 2)
 > For some reason, I can only tune channels from provider 1 (LNB 1).  I 
 > tried the "C" and "Y" commands but cannot switch to my second LNB.
 > Any ideas?
 > Thanks,
 > Michelle

Unfortunately mythtv does a terrible job of numbering channels
especially when you have more than one satellite. I for example have 3
satellites (connected to a single Diseqc switch) and i have 200+
channels several with duplicate 'channum' id's in the mysql 'channel'
table. This means when i switch to channel 430 for example, i will get
any one of 3 random channels depending on some randomness which i can't
yet figure.

So i wrote a 'channum' flattner which flattens the channel numbers so
you always get a unique number assigned to your channels. I can send you 
the script if you want. Alternatively you can just update all channum 
values by say adding 1000 for the second LNB by using something like

  mysql -e 'update channel set channum=channum+1000 where sourceid = 2'

and so on for the 3rd etc...

Every once i a while i clear out my channel lists and rerun mythtv-setup
so i can get rid of old stations, transponders, and get new channel
names, channels which have been removed, or moved to new transponders, 
etc.. so i also needed to do this.


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