[mythtv-users] What format to output - 480i/720p/1080i

Alex Halovanic halovanic at gmail.com
Wed May 23 04:40:39 UTC 2007

When you say 'using a component adaptor from my video card' do you
mean you're using a separate component adaptor that converts the
signal from the VGA port, or the type that comes with the Nvidia card?
 If it's the latter, and you're using the Nvidia component-out, then
there's a bug with all the current versions of the Nvidia binary
driver through at least 9755 that would prevent you from switching tv
standards, such as from 1080i to 720p, using xrandr.  Instead you just
end up with a small 1280x720 box on the screen at 1080i.    I haven't
tested to see if it's fixed yet in the beta 100 series drivers.

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