[mythtv-users] Possible Problem with the G.A.N.T Theme: Scaling

Douglas Wagner douglasw0 at gmail.com
Sat May 19 18:20:07 UTC 2007


     Just re-setup my myth box from scratch (64 bit OS now instead of 32
bit).  In the process of re-installation and having issues I found what may
be a potential problem with the G.A.N.T. Theme.

When you go into Mythfrontend, Setup, Appearances, go to the second screen
where you can set the width/height and offset of the mythtv window (to
adjust for overscan and such), while using the GANT theme, if I set the X
offset to 30 or above when GANT re-loads all of the text based menus
dissappear from the screen.

They are still there and they will "flash" when you switch menus but by and
large the text does not display (things like "Watch LiveTV", "Setup", etc.
are all gone from the screen.)

When you enter a setup menu however (if you can manage to work your way
(without seeing the menus themselves) to it) like
"Utilites/Setup"/"Setup"/"Appearances" the configuration screen itself will
appear fine and allow you to scale back.

Setting X Offset to 29 or below does not make the menu items disappear.

This should be with Axel's MythTV 20.1 installed via RPM using the standard
"yum -y install myth-suite"

Can anyone confirm this is an issue on their screen before I file a bug?

--Douglas Wagner
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