[mythtv-users] Audio not working for NTSC channels...

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Hi Jeff, some info on setting things up.

Video: S-Video from the STB to your capture card.
Audio: Component (L, R) from the STB to a y-adapter that outputs into a 1/8"
stereo plug - http://img.inkfrog.com/pix/hkibmshop/IC25.jpg - that would
then plug into your capture card's audio in.

This is how I have my Myth set up and I'm pretty sure how most analog people
are set up as well.  Also, and I don't know if this matters, but I have
ALSA:default for all four spots in that set up screen where you set it up.

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Hi All,

   I've got MythTV pretty close to working, but there's still a problem with
the audio for analog (NTSC) channels.  

Setup :
         KWorld ATSC 110 analog/digital capture card
         ASUS M2NPV-VM mobo, w/ onboard NVidia sound (~=intel HDA).

The capture card came with a short audio cable to connect it's audio out
jack to the mobo's line in jack.  If I enable line in via alsa_mixer, I hear
the audio "live" whereas the video is delayed 2 or so seconds.  The MythTV
docs say to set line in to mute and to use this as the "capture"
input.  If I do this I get no sound at all.  (All of the other channels in
alsa_mixer are set to unmute, 70-80%).  The other tip in the docs says to
use v4lctl to make sure that /dev/video0 is not muted; but I _know_ the
sound is present on the little jumper cable, so it is at least making it to
the sound chip.

When I first tried analog channels, I got a mythbackend crash, plus a
helpful tip to configure Setup->Recording_Profiles->Software_Encoders.
There were plety of options for video (which I got working nicely), but for
audio I just left it with the default selection (mp3).  Somewhere else in
the setup (???) was an option for audio, and (best I remember) I left it set
to ALSA:default.

My system is at home and not online, so I don't have any more details than
that, but this sounds like a bonehead newbie mistake; hopefully someone can
clue me in !

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