[mythtv-users] "mpeg2enc is currently broken"

catfish catfish at halfdone.com
Mon May 14 22:07:46 UTC 2007

>>> I got the same error this evening. I downgraded to the older version from
>>> atrpms, and it seems to work again.
>>> mjpegtools-1.9.1-14_cvs20061009.el4.at.i386.rpm

>> (fc6, x86, atrpms)
>> What are the steps to downgrade this package?
 >> install with rpm -ihv reports conflicts with the newer broken
 >> package.

> Only use -ihv with kernels, e.g. use -Uhv for everything else. And you
> need --oldpackage, too, otherwise rpm will refuse to "upgrade"
> backwards, e.g.
> rpm -Uhv --oldpackage mjpegtools*rpm

Thanks again! That worked

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