[mythtv-users] Why is DVD burning failing with ffmpeg?

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What do you mean when you say "deleted the audio commands"?  The only option available is MP3 and UNCOMPRESSED.  Otherwise, I have nothing checked.

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 I was getting the same errors. I looked at the log file in the temporary directory and noticed that ffmpeg was calling for a bitrate of zero for the audio stream. I went into the encoding profile and deleted the audio commands and it began working again. I'd give you more specifics, but I can't get to my linux box at home for some reason.

 Hope this helps.

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The encoding profiles are xml files in the MythBurn directory. For Gentoo, it is located at:


I was just about to get the specific commands to delete, but I lost my
connection. I'll try to get them for you, but it won't be until late
tonight. If you look at the xml files, you can figure out what the
various entries are and selectively delete them. It's probably a good
idea to back up the file before modifying.


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