[mythtv-users] internal player doesnt always start

mark klarer m.klarer at insightbb.com
Wed May 9 00:29:12 UTC 2007

If anyone has this problem, my system now works great. Maybe try some 
things like this will fix. When I try to play a recording its starts almost 
instantly now.

How did I fix it? Dont know, but I had 3 tuners in my system:

hauppauge 150
hauppauge 500

I set my hauppauge 150 default input from tuner to s-video so I can play 
movies from my 400 dvd carousel to my remote front ends. I also changed a 
few other things like made a new video source for s-video and removed cable 
as the input for the 150. (effectively going from 3 tuners in 2 cards to 
just 2 in the 500)

I also installed mythdvd, mythvideo, mythweather, mythmusic.

Then it worked perfectly. ???

Oh well, thanks all for making MYTHTV its awesome!

At 05:17 PM 4/28/2007 -0400, you wrote:

>When I try to play a recording, the computer grinds away for a about 30
>seconds with a black screen, then comes back to the recordings list.
>If I try this several times it does eventually play.
>The preview window starts playing immediately no problems.
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