[mythtv-users] Small, low cost MythTV clients...

Daniel Agar daniel at agar.ca
Tue May 1 16:14:59 UTC 2007

> Hi...
> There are a number of threads on this subject.  Instead of hijacking one
> I thought I would start my own.  Some (maybe, a lot of ??) people are
> anticipating the Apple TV to be understood to the point where mythTV
> client applications may be installed.  This puts the price for such a
> device at at least $300 if I'm not mistaken.  However, from time to
> time, you can purchase Galaxy 3500 IPTV (caution, these boxes are very
> closely named and there has been confusion which is which) for less than
> $200. These boxes, I believe, may be easier to understand.  The reason
> is because they are based on Sigma Designs chips with ARM core
> processors that run uCLinux. Add to that there are a lot of Media
> clients and network DVD players out there that are very similar (Sigma
> Design chip sets running uCLinux).  Anyone working on this?  Any thoughts?
> ...thanks

Hardware is so cheap these days, I've been thinking of putting something
like this together. These prices are Canadian and the total is just over
$300, but doesn't include a hard drive (I'd netboot it).

512 DDR2
X2 3600

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