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Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Mar 29 23:11:23 UTC 2007

Matt wrote:
> On 3/28/07, Mitch Gore <mitchell.gore at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am going to be moving soon and I was just starting to think about how this
>> will change things on my myth box.
>> Obvouslily i will be creating new channel line-ups.  How will this effect
>> things?
>> I anticipate i will have to redo my recording schedules that are "record
>> anytime on channel XXXX" but what about my recordings?  how will those work?
>> Just wondering if there are any GOTCHA's with the process.
>> Thanks,
>> Mitchell
> Yea, I just went through this as well.  I wouldn't say it was hard,
> but it was still sort of a pain (read: manual process).
> You don't HAVE to delete your recording schedules, but it might be


> just as easy to do so.  The way I did it was very convoluted and I

...but recreating all your rules with all the tweaks like
priority, profile, recording group, max episodes, etc, make
it a PITA when you can (as you discovered) change the type
to All then back and be done with it.

> don't think I could even explain the only way I could get it to work
> for channel specific rules.  Basically... I had to go into the
> priorities screen, switch it to "any channel" then go to show
> upcomming episodes for this title, then hit the info button on the
> correct channel I wanted and select "edit options" then I would have
> to select "this channel only", then save in THAT screen, then escape
> all the way back without saving the initial entry point to the rule...
> YES, that was the only way I could accomplish changing channel only
> rules - not really user friendly or intuitive.  You could just be lazy
> and switch all your channel only rules to "record on any channel" and
> be done with it, but I'm lazy.

I agree that it's hard to explain concisely but this is what I'd
recommend. The idea is that rules that need channel info won't
match after moving. However, when a rule is re-saved, the info
for the chosen showing is saved in the rule. Therefore:

- Change the type to "Record at any time on any channel"
- Look at the upcoming episode to find the right chan/time/day
- Change the type back.

Find* and All don't care about the channel so Single, Weekslot,
Timeslot and Channel are the only ones that need to be fixed.
Go the the Recording Priorities page and press "4" which will
sort by record type. Start at the top and knock them out. On
the first Single, press I, choose All, save, press O, choose
the correct showing and press I, change the type back to Single
and save. Rinse and repeat. Do this for "S", "W", "T", and "C"

This is boring but it's got to be less difficult and a lot less
margin for error than recreating every rule from scratch.

--  bjm

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