[mythtv-users] Custom Recording File Path/Name Format

Justin jd2666+mythtvlist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 00:18:42 UTC 2007

I think even though myth recorded the episode the file is mine to
store where ever I like.
Also using symlinks to the recorded files just adds another layer of
complexity to how I store my files.
I just like the simplicity of having a recording organized in one
place for access. To tell the truth I would like it if instead the
Recordings screen/Mythvideo screen with a database it was just listed
the files in a directory tree and any extra metadata was stored in the
file. Though I suppose the wouldn't work too well for performance.
Anyways now this is getting a little off-topc, I posted this just to
find out if there was a better way to do what I want (of which there
doesn't appear to be better way short of editing the mythtv source
code) or find out if using Storage Groups in this way could cause

On 3/28/07, Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:
> You still haven't answered why you feel you need to modify Myth's
> files.  Let Myth store the files however it likes.  Create links /to/
> those files (not in place of those files).  Then, don't use the files
> directly, use the links anytime you want to use a recording from outside
> Myth.
> Mike

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