[mythtv-users] Motherboard recommendation?

raphael rpooser at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 21:52:01 UTC 2007

Larry Sanderson wrote:
>>> I went with the low-power (65W) version of the X2-4200+.
>> And that's enough to do HD-playback? (and maybe handle a SD-recordning
>> from a PVR-350 at the same time?)
> Definitely.  I have 2 HD5500s, and have had done the following with no 
> glitches:
>  - Record an HD stream on one card (not really CPU intensive)
>  - Record an analog stream on the other (this taxes the resources a bit - the 
> HD5500 are simple frame-grabbers when it comes to analog)
>  - Running 2 comm-flag processes on the two recordings.
> While this was happening, I was watching a recording with no hiccups in the 
> audio or video.  It was very sweet. 
> Unfortunately at the moment, my media room looks like a computer graveyard due 
> to my attempts to build a dedicated back-end out of spare parts I had laying 
> around.  It didn't work too well (couldn't stabalize the 6-yr old MB).  I 
> will be reverting back to my original setup tonight before Lost. :-)
> _______________________________________________

Heh I know the feeling. I still run ubuntu 5.04 on one of my machines 
because of adhering to the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule for 
mythtv. Better hurry, it's already 5:50pm over here! :)

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