[mythtv-users] odd problem with pvr-350 and M179 in same mythbox.

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Mar 28 13:18:08 UTC 2007

On Mar 28, 2007, at 7:08 AM, Tim Gray wrote:

> I recently discovered a problem that someone here might have an  
> answer.
> I have a pvr-350 as the main tuner and a Avermedia M179 as a second  
> tuner.
> Everything recorded on the PVR-350 has mpeg2 errors in it causing  
> the mpeg
> files to be unplayable on a windows machine while the M179 records
> perfectly.
> Anyone know why this might be happening?  The box is a backend only  
> and has
> a 3.0ghz processor and 1 gig of ram as well as a fast hard drive.   
> Load
> never goes over 0.50 unless a transcode is running.
> Is my pvr-350 bad?

Possibly. The first question I would ask is precisely *what* errors  
you are getting in the recordings. Try "ivtvctl -a and you will get a  
dump of all the encoder parameters, look them over to see if anything  
looks whacky and if it does use ivtvctl to set whatever it is to some  
sane value.

If the parameter dump has no meaning to you feel free to mail it to  
me and I'll look it over when I get a chance, if I see something that  
would be of interest to the list I'll extract it and post it.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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