[mythtv-users] odd problem with pvr-350 and M179 in same mythbox.

Tim Gray tim at p-a-a-i.com
Wed Mar 28 13:08:59 UTC 2007

I recently discovered a problem that someone here might have an answer.  

I have a pvr-350 as the main tuner and a Avermedia M179 as a second tuner.
Everything recorded on the PVR-350 has mpeg2 errors in it causing the mpeg
files to be unplayable on a windows machine while the M179 records

Anyone know why this might be happening?  The box is a backend only and has
a 3.0ghz processor and 1 gig of ram as well as a fast hard drive.  Load
never goes over 0.50 unless a transcode is running.

Is my pvr-350 bad?  

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