[mythtv-users] Mac OSX Frontend and Backend

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Wed Mar 28 02:38:07 UTC 2007

>Check out darwinports

I presume you mean as a way to get wget installed?  Did that.  Still have the problem that wget is not found when MythTV-Setup.app is run from the Finder.

However, I found that I can run it from Terminal at the following path:

This way, wget works and my Lineup is retrieved.  Now I'm off to see if I can MythFillDatabase the same way!


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>I'm trying to get the Backend running on my Intel Mini under OSX but
>I'm stuck on something that seems it ought to be trivial.
>MythTV-Setup.app runs OK from the Finder but in the Video Source
>Setup screen, the button to Retrieve Lineups does nothing.
>Console.log says "wget: command not found".  OK, quick web search
>shows that OSX does not come with wget but it is easy enough to
>download a binary.  Running it from the Terminal with the -help
>option shows that it will execute.
>Try again; still no joy.  Console.log still shows the following:
>2007-03-27 16:17:12.340 Fetching lineups from Tribune Media Zap2It...
>2007-03-27 16:17:12.405 Grabbing channel data
>sh: line 1: wget: command not found
>It is likely something to do with the path.  I created a
>/usr/local/bin directory, and copied wget to it.  In Terminal,
>created a .bash_profile and put the following into it:
>export PATH
>Still the same error message.  Can someone steer me in the right direction?

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