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Cole Brodine cbrodine at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 18:26:46 UTC 2007

A small disclaimer to start:  I don't use HD in any capacity yet.  I would
like to upgrade to it myself, so I have done some research into what seems
easiest and provides the most options.

Right now, it seems that OTA HD is your best bet.  No DRM and plenty of
hardware support.  You'll be able to record any channel you can receive at
it's native resolution.

Depending on who your local cable company is, HD may be a good option with
their service.  It all depends on if they broadcast HD using the QAM signal,
so that you can use hardware like the HDHomerun or a PC card.  If you end up
having to use Firewire, there seems to be a whole other bunch of problems
that may or may not arise.  Depending on the cable company, you may have
all, none or just some of the channels unencrypted.  My town has Charter,
which means I won't be wasting my time getting HD through them.  If I were
to drive 30 minutes to the west, it would be a municipal cable company which
doesn't use any encryption.  It seems that the most common configuration for
a cable company is to broadcast the OTA channels unencrypted, but to encrypt
all the HD cable channels.

Satellite (DirecTV/Dish Network) is basically not an option for most
people.  To even consider recording HD you have to get a set top box
modified by a 3rd party, which the legality of seems questionable.  This
modification cost upwards of $500 to $1000 US and from reports on the
internet seems unstable at best.

Many seem to view the CableCard as the answer.  I am excited, but I'm not
sure how useful it will be to us.  I think anybody who tries to make a PCI
CableCard device will be doomed to windows Vistas support only, since they
have all the DRM built right into the OS (And the cable companies will
require that).  Somebody will hack it eventually, but that will probably
take lots of time.

All the appropriate disclaimers apply here.  YMMV, I'm not a professional,
the above is my opinion only, etc, etc.

Hope this helps give you some insight.


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