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Tue Mar 27 17:17:57 UTC 2007


I am trying to understand the present/future use of Mythtv as it applies to content provided by cable/satellite providers.  I understand that a lot of DRM is going on (like 5c encryption on cable channels) and wanted to understand how mythtv is going to be able to work with/around that.  

Basically, if I use mythtv as my HTPC will I lock myself out of stations like ESPNHD, DiscoveryHD, TNTHD, etc?  I am specifically concerned about getting HD (why pay for it if you can't watch it?).  I have already read (previous mailings on this list) that one can send those stations out via s-video, but who really wants to do that?  

And of course, don't forget the plight the cablecard is going to add....

Given the DRM issues -- is it easier to just use OTA HD via an antenna?

Just looking for some comments.   :}

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